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D&D custom homes best Arlington tn home builders are 100% committed and provide you with the best possible experience during your housing investment. We have a motto called Discover the difference that easily covers what it means when it comes to customer service from us. We are members of the West Tennessee home builders association, national Association of homebuilders, South Tipton County chamber of commerce, and the Better Business Bureau, where we maintain an A+ rating.

Who are the founders of the best Arlington tn home builders? Dave Tucker is the owner of D&D custom homes. He began working in the construction industry over 40 years ago. When he worked summertime as a framing labor in a roofer, it was there that he felt like this whole building in history was his future. He was an active military officer of the US Army and attended the University of Maryland. He pursued a career in the building material industry and also sales at management, but it never quenched the thirst, so one day build homes. In 1999 he built his first home and went on to form the company.

Who are the founders of best arlington tn home builders? Jonathan Ruch is the operations manager for D&D custom homes. He has been a professional in the construction industry since 2004. He went to Tennessee technological University with a BS and mechanical engineering in 1997 or you then went on to graduate with his EIT from the state of Tennessee. He then went on to get the credentials of project management professional in 2020 from the project management institute. He is the managing partner and licensed general contractor for a residential and commercial company for 13 years, he served a general manager and engineering for an HVAC engineering company in a construction manager for an outdoor living company before moving onto his home at D&D.

Going to be other members of our team, include our office manager, who had a strong worth ethic, and a desire to succeed throughout the year as she is getting experience in customer service, sales, bookkeeping, and even design with various industries in about an hour we have a new client coordinator that has a background in customer service spending 14 years patiently working with the public helping them with their needs and wants.

You can check it out online at https://midsouthhomebuilder.com/ were you can meet the team, learn more about us, view client testimonials, check out our gallery project. We’ve done in the past, check out, testimonials, as your help, I basics, construction process, check out our preferred lenders, see your design studio, check out our quality assurance program, this year warranty info, see your frequently, asked questions, check out, her floor, plans, communities, available homes, and more.
Call us today at 9018377773 to find out how you can get up to $4000 in closing costs covered after $4000 and upgrades. We offer 0% down in 100% financing with preferred lenders. You don’t want to miss out on Memphis’s highest rated animals google reviewed home builder in West Tennessee.

Best Arlington Tn Home Builders | Best Homes In Tennessee

D&D custom homes, best Arlington home builders strive for Best Arlington Tn Home Builders greatness. It is so important to us that we prioritize communication. We have our own custom app that allows us to communicate with you every step of the way. We have a motto called, discover the difference where it’s pretty much self-explanatory what it means when it comes to our customer service. It is our mission to provide you with the best value and experience during your housing investment. At D&D custom homes we build quality.

What is the better option, best arlington tn home builders to rent or own? When you own a home, you get a huge tax benefit, which means you pay less taxes, you have a yard for your enjoyment, your freedom to play music loud, usually have a detached garage, you get to keep your pets, you can repair and decorate as you desire, you can get it out the way you want, and you build equity. In renting there’s no tax benefits, you pay more taxes, you have no yard, you’re not allowed to play loud music, there’s no garage, extra fees.

Is it better in Arlington than home builders to build or remodel? If you build a Best Arlington Tn Home Builders house and everything in your house is new, you get full warranty on major items, you don’t have to deal with the remodeling process and how annoying it is, you get a 10 year structural warning, it’s all new no one has lived there before, except for you, you can’t lower homeowners insurance rate, and brand new carpet. If you’re remodeling, you’re only able to replace items that are new, there’s no warranty unless it’s replaced, you’re often spending time working on the project instead of with your family enjoying the house, there’s no structural warranty, you’re unsure of the previous owners, lifestyle habits, there’s higher insurance rates, sometimes double, your carpet could be full of allergens, unless I had been recently replaced.

At D & D custom homes we have a no-brainer offer where you can get $4000 in closing cost covered or we will give you $4000 in upgrades, we offer 0% down and 100% financing, we Memphis is the highest rated and most reviewed home builder around. We are a trusted name of the industry, we’ve been in business since 2003 and we will keep you involved and updated as communication is most important to us. We offer the best new home warranty, we have an efficient process, we have multiple plans and options available, we build quality homes, we offer up from pricing, I have multiple neighborhoods to choose from, and we are a company you can Trust with fast response times.

Visit us online at https://midsouthhomebuilder.com/ to find out more information and see special offers.
Call us today at 9018377773 to figure out how you can get $4000 covered in closing cost, or $4000 store upgrades in your new home. Experience Memphis hydrated and most reviewed home builder today.

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